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Did you know that Georgia is tied for number 3 in worldwide film production? The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides up to 30% of production expenditures in transferable tax credits. as well as benefits such as site and building services, location data, community contacts and facilitation, cost environment analysis, coordination with state agencies. The University of Georgia campus offers a variety of filming locations for films, shows, and videos. The Office of Marketing and Communication at UGA has been looking to get a web presence for UGA film locations as well as 360 degree video to showcase the locales. We have developed this website to streamline and simply the process of filiming on the UGA campus. FilmUGA.com is your one-stop shop to explore locations across UGA's campus. You can view a map, 360-degree footage of our locations or view by category to fit your needs. See more below to learn about the Georgia Film industry and about our team!

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dollars generated by the film/TV industry in Georgia in 2015


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